FYI Teen Club

Financial Youth Independence Club
Assisting Teens In Reaching Financial Independence

What is the FYI Club?
The FYI Club is a credit union savings account for teens ages 13-17. The FYI Club is designed to assist teens in reaching their financial independence. It’s all about learning to mange money and finances. That means it’s all about you – our teen members!

What’s In It For Me?
Opening an FYI Club account will ensure that you get practical advice on financial subjects that really matter, like:

  • Balancing a checkbook
  • Learning to budget effectively
  • Getting an auto loan
  • Getting a credit card
  • Understanding financial terms
  • How your credit rating effects your future purchases

Becoming a member of the FYI Club assists you in making the most of your money.

Accounts and Services
Once you sign up for the FYI Club, you’ll be eligible to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the credit union! That means you’ll be able to use our special FYI Club accounts and services designed especially for you.

  • Savings Accounts
  • ATM/Debit Card*
  • CD (Certificate of Deposit)
  • Checking Account*
  • Visa Credit Card*
  • Loans*

How Much Does It Cost?
Belonging to the FYI Club is FREE to our teen members. Accounts and services offered as a part of the FYI Club may have costs associated with them.

How Do I Sign Up For The FYI Club?
It’s easy! If you are already a member of 1st Street Credit Union, just let our Member Services Representative know that you’d like to become an FYI Club member. If you’re not a member of the credit union, you’ll need to join the credit union first. Then simply tell us you want to be an FYI Club member… we’ll do the rest.

With the FYI Club account you can learn to manage your money and get valuable information on a wide variety of financial topics.

Don’t wait – Join today!

*Parental signature required for Visa credit cards, checking accounts and loans

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