Overdraft Protection

Courtesy Pay helps protect you against having your checks returned in the event of an inadvertent overdraft of your account by giving you a reserve for emergencies or unexpected situations. There is no fee for having this privilege,  you are only charged if you overdraw your account.  When your account meets our requirements, you will receive our Welcome Letter.

Points to Remember about Courtesy Pay:

  • Every debit item on an overdrawn account will be charged our regular NSF fee.
  • You must promptly repay the amount of the overdraft and the overdraft fee.
  • You must bring your account to a positive balance within 30 days or Courtesy Pay will be removed from your account.

Courtesy Pay Terms and Conditions
You must maintain your account in good standing, which includes at least:

  • Depositing an amount equal to the amount of discretionary courtesy overdraft extended to you or more in your account within each thirty (30) day period and bringing your account to a positive balance;
  • You are not in default on any loan or other obligation to the credit union; and
  • You are not subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.

Other Ways to Protect Your Account:

Our system allows you to set up other accounts as a backup to your checking.  For example, you may wish to have overdrafts covered from your share savings, then a club account or an approved line of credit loan.  Others may wish to cover overdrafts from another membership account such as parents covering for children while they are away at school. To set up a system that works best for you, simply contact us for assistance.

Please contact the credit union for more information.