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Loan Rates effective 05/01/2024

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Note: This calculator is provided only to give an estimate of your loan. Your monthly payment and total amount paid may vary. Talk to your loan representative for additional details.

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Loan Rates

At 1st Street Credit Union, we are dedicated to offering you the best rates possible. Our team of loan experts are available to answer any qeustions you may have and guide you through the loan application process.

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TypeAnnual Percentage Rate*
100% Share Securedadd 2.00% – 4.25% to savings or CD rate
50% Share Secured6.49% – 14.99%
TypeAnnual Percentage Rate*
Mortgageas low as 6.75% up to 30 years
Home Equity Line of Credit (up to 80% CLTV)5.74% – 11.99%
Home Equity Loans (up to 80% CLTV)4.99% – 13.24%
Line of Credit9.74% – 17.99%
Annual Percentage Rate*
8.99 – 17.99%
TypeAnnual Percentage Rate*
2022-20244.74% – 16.99%
2020-20215.24% – 17.24%
2019-Older6.49% – 17.99%
TypeAnnual Percentage Rate*
New5.24% – 17.24%
Used6.24% – 17.99%
TypeAnnual Percentage Rate*
New5.99% – 17.24%
Used6.99% – 17.99%
TypeAnnual Percentage Rate*
No Rewards9.74% – 17.24%
Rewards10.99% – 17.99%
Share Secured9.24% – 12.99%

*Rates are subject to change at anytime. Please check with the CU for current rate.

*Your rate is determined by your Credit Score, Loan Product and Term of Loan.

*You may be eligible for loan rate discounts based on the following products and services you have with the Credit Union – e-Statement enrollment, applying and closing your loan online, automatic payment to the loan etc.

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