ATM Cards

Transact your financial business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Your Sarasota Municipal Employees Credit Union ATM Card is accepted at any ATM which displays the Cirrus or Presto! logo (see below). ATM’s offer a simple, convenient way for you to withdraw cash, transfer funds, or obtain balance information.



  • Withdraw cash from your Share or Share Draft Account; maximum withdrawal $300 per transaction/per day.
  • You can get up to 5 FREE transactions at ATMs per month. After the first 5 transactions, the normal fee will be charged.
  • Your ATM transactions made at both Credit Union 24 and Fifth Third ATM locations are FREE and do not count against the 5 Free transactions per month.
  • Make inquiries and transfers from your Share or Share Draft Account.
  • Make purchases at Publix Supermarkets from your Share or Share Draft Account.

ATM Card is quick and easy
Transactions can take place 24 hours a day at most Publix Supermarket Presto! locations & Cirrus ATM terminals. The ATM guides you through each step, displaying simple-to-follow instructions on the screen.
ATM Card is confidential
The only way to access your account is with your personalized ATM Card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN is your own secret four (4) digit code. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO THIS NUMBER!

ATM Card service is on your way to work, on your way home, and on your travels

Since the ATM network is undergoing constant expansion, check your Credit Union newsletters frequently to determine locations which have been added to the network. Or, try one of the online ATM locators:

Apply for your ATM Card today!

To receive your personalized ATM Card and assign PIN (Personal Identification Number), please visit the Credit Union office during business hours.

To report Lost or Stolen Credit Cards:
(800) 338-0566
(800) 991-4961 After Hours Number

To report Lost or Stolen Debit Cards:
941-953-6744 Credit Union # during business hours
1-800-528-2273 After Hours Number

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