Service Charge Schedule

1st Street Credit Union is a financial cooperative.  We work hard to provide that value by limiting our service charges for our products and services.  After 5 years of no increases, the Credit Union has updated its service charge schedule that goes into effect on March 1, 2022.  We offer a wide variety of free services, including:

  • Free VISA Debit Card with no monthly fee and no annual renewal fee;
  • Free Shared-Branching Network access (5 visits a month free);
  • Free Mobile Banking;
  • Free Online Banking;
  • Free e-Statements;
  • Free Audio Response Banking;
  • Free copies of checks (available on Online Teller and Mobile App);
  • Free Bill Payment (must pay 1 bill a month);
  • Free P2P Transactions (must use the Mobile App)
  • Free e-Alerts;
  • Free e-Notifications;
  • Free Notary Service (for 1st Street CU members.

If you have any questions regarding the service charge schedule or how we can assist you in avoiding a particular charge, please speak with one of our team members.

Service Charge Schedule 2017

Service Charge Schedule 03-01-2022

(Updated 1-11-2022)